Thadd Special Strong Case Study

West North Dallas Adaptive Fitness Thadd

16-year-old Thadd has been training with Manju since May of 2021, making him one of her very first clients when she opened her Special Strong location in June of that year. Two and a half years later, he knows exactly when his sessions are, and makes a point of being ready for them on time…

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Zack Special Strong Case Study

West North Dallas Special Strong Adaptive Fitness Zack Before After

Zack, who is now 16, was born with Down Syndrome. As his mom Diane says, he’s kept his parents on their toes since day one – when he was born in the car! He’s always been outgoing and social, and in his early teens he was active in Angel League baseball and Special Olympics, until…

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Kenny Special Strong Case Study

kenny autism adaptive fitness

Kenny was diagnosed with high-functioning autism when he was 10 years old. He credits his family as being a great support, finding a program focused on social cognitive skills that Kenny utilized for over a decade to improve his social skills and strategies to combat stress and social overload. However, while he was making strides…

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Robert Special Strong Case Study

robert hise adaptive fitness before and after

When Robert was three years old, he was diagnosed with autism. His family found speech and occupational therapy that supported him through his earlier years, but things started to change when Robert was in 7th grade. At that point, Robert was really growing, and his therapists were no longer able to accommodate a lot of…

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Luke Special Strong Case Study

Luke Before and After 1

Luke was born with spina bifida. He walks with forearm crutches, and also uses a wheelchair. For Luke and his family, it has always been important for him to stay active and retain his mobility. When Luke graduated from high school, he was in a program that focused on work and life skills, but for…

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Tyler Special Strong Case Study

West Valley Adaptive Fitness Tyler Before After

Before finding Special Strong, Tyler was going to the gym with his mom, Mindy, but they were limited in what they were able to work on together. At the time, they were spending 3-4 days a week driving to a gym that was 40 minutes away. The long commute for an hour or hour and…

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