What do I get with a Special Strong franchise?

Click here to download our guide on what you get with a Special Strong franchise and what makes us different than other franchises.

What type of experience is required for your gym franchise?

No prior experience is required. Our franchise is designed for anyone who has a passion for fitness and individuals with disabilities. Through our Special Strong University program, our franchisees will receive over 100 hours of training that consists of both in-person training and on-the-job training. By the end of training, you will be a nationally accredited personal trainer (NCCA) and an adaptive fitness trainer.

Is this something I can do part-time?

No, we look for owners who want to be full-time owner operators.

How do clients pay for your services?

Depending on the state, clients can often use state or county funding to pay for our services.  If those funds are not available, clients pay for our services out of pocket.

How do I become a passive owner?

Initially, we do not support passive ownership. In our home-based franchise, the owner should always continue doing marketing, networking, and hiring. We encourage our owners to train no more than 20 hours a week in order to dedicate time to building and scaling their business.

As you grow, it may be possible to become a passive owner with our brick-and-mortar franchise, which would allow you to hire someone to oversee and manage the business.

What's the difference between the home-based franchise and the brick-and-mortar franchise?

Our home-based franchise is our initial offering with lower overhead that allows owners to train clients in-home and rent out space at existing facilities. Our brick-and-mortar franchise is the build-out of our adaptive brick and mortar gym with specialized equipment.

Can I start with the brick-and-mortar franchise?

We require all our franchisees to start with the home-based franchise. After a franchisee shows success with our home-based franchise, they will have the opportunity to be awarded our brick-and-mortar franchise.

How much money can I earn with Special Strong?

Legally, no franchise can answer this question. However, once you fill out a form to request more information, we can disclose our item 19 financial performance representation to show you how other Special Strong outlets have performed.

How long does it take to open my business?

In our home-based franchise model, it only takes 6-12 weeks to open your business.  In our brick-and-mortar model, we estimate it will take 6-9 months to open your business.

Is financing available?

Yes, financing is available through a third party.  You can get pre-qualified for financing here.  There are no credit checks for pre-qualifying.