What type of experience is required for your gym franchise?

No prior experience is required. Our franchise is designed for anyone who has a passion for fitness and individuals with disabilities. Through our Special Strong University program, our franchisees will receive over 100 hours of training that consists of both in-person training and on-the-job training. By the end of training, you will be a nationally accredited personal trainer (NCCA) and an adaptive fitness trainer.

Do I need to own my own gym?

No, you do not. Through our home-based model, you can provide services at on-site locations, in-home, and virtually. As a result, the overhead is significantly lower, and our franchisees can grow faster with more accessible locations and services.

How will I find a gym to train adaptive clients?

As a part of our support, we guarantee that you will find a gym to train clients out of! Through our network, our franchisees partner with 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, and many other gyms. We will help you every step of the way to secure your facility!

Do you have a semi-absentee model?

Yes, we do.  With our approval, the primary owner can run the business as a semi-absentee and hire a full-time general manager to oversee the day to day operations of the business. Ownership of a semi-absentee business affords additional income to diversify current income streams and builds equity; while allowing the owner to keeping a day job.

How do clients pay for your services?

Depending on the state, clients can often use state or county funding to pay for our services.  If those funds are not available, we help our clients select a service that fits their budget.

How much money can I earn with Special Strong?

Legally, no franchise can answer this question. However, once you fill out a form to request more information, we can disclose our item 19 financial performance representation to show you how other Special Strong outlets have performed.

How long does it take to open my business?

In our home-based franchise model, it only takes 6-12 weeks to open your business.

Is financing available?

Yes, financing is available through a third party.  You can get pre-qualified for financing here.  There are no credit checks for pre-qualifying.