Why Choose Us

Special Strong is the leading innovator in the industry that offers a unique opportunity


When you sign on to the Special Strong franchise, we are there for you every step of the way, from building your business to learning how to service your clients properly. We provide a turnkey model that gets you on the path to success.

Limited Competition

The Special Strong Franchise is one of the first to market this business model in this industry. There are currently few companies in the USA providing a similar service. By joining the Special Strong franchise, you are becoming one of the leaders and innovators of this industry.


The #1 reason people join this franchise is that they get to lead fulfilling careers while giving back to an underserved community. Instead of living the 9-5 rat race, they make a positive difference in a remarkable community.

Proprietary Curriculum

75+ years of professional experience created our curriculum for adaptive fitness, and it is now accredited through 10 organizations globally. One of the top benefits of this curriculum is that franchisees can use it to onboard their own new Special Strong trainers; they don’t have to start from scratch.