Special Strong launches Adaptive Aquatics training program for franchisees

Special Strong is pleased to announce that its new Adaptive Aquatics training program is now available to franchisees.

First piloted in the League City, TX, Special Strong location, community demand for a local aquatics class was so high that the lessons became an immediate success. Recognizing an opportunity for other franchisees to offer something similar, Special Strong pursued developing a training program to expand the aquatics classes to other markets.

Special Strong partnered with Special Olympics swim coach Elizabeth Seba to develop the curriculum for its Adaptive Aquatics program. Seba, has been a swim coach and volunteer for the Allen Special Olympics Delegation for over 15 years.  She coaches swimmers as they transition to the deep pool learning basic swim strokes and gaining confidence in swimming.  Seba worked closely with the Special Strong team to create a training program that franchisees and their trainers can take advantage of at no extra cost.

The curriculum incorporates in-depth education on how to safely teach someone that has special needs to swim, as well as how to navigate group classes and fitness classes in the water. All franchisees will end up being certified through this Special Strong Adaptive Aquatics program as well as through safety instructor classes with the Red Cross in addition to the existing certifications already offered to Special Strong trainers.

Trainers will be able to work with clients to find the format that works best for each individual. Adaptive Aquatics offerings can be provided either in a one-on-one or group setting, with trainers coming to a family pool or partnering with a local facility that has a pool, such as a YMCA or area hotel.

“To date, we’ve been able to offer our franchisees four revenue streams: private training, semi-private training, local group classes, and corporate group classes,” said Daniel Stein, CEO & Founder of Special Strong. “We’re excited to now be able to offer this fifth revenue stream to franchisees – especially since it’s one we’ve already seen so many clients benefitting from.”

Stein noted that Special Strong has plans to continue adding additional revenue streams for franchisees in the coming years. “As the CEO, one of the big things I focus on is how to help our franchisees increase their revenue, which ultimately allows us to reach and help more people in our communities,” said Stein. “We have a number of things in the works that we’re excited to see come together in the near future.”

If you would like to learn more about owning a rewarding Special Strong franchise, we encourage you to reach out to us today for more information.