Special Strong Champions Foundation Provides Access to Health and Wellness Programs for Special Needs Families

Special Strong Franchise Non Profit

Special Strong announced this week that it has launched its “Special Strong Champions Foundation,” a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for special needs families in need of financial assistance to participate in specialized health and wellness programs to live a more independent and abundant life. 

“We’ve worked closely with a lot of families since starting Special Strong, and we know that finding the funds to participate in specialized health and wellness services can be challenging,” said Special Strong CEO & Founder Daniel Stein. “The Champions Foundation is our solution to helping families access the services and programs that provide the best opportunities for them.”

Funding is available to families that are already part of the Special Strong community and is also open to the public, with sponsorships awarded to families that are unable to receive state or county funding and cannot otherwise afford services privately. Interested families can submit sponsorship applications online at specialstrongchampions.org. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and sponsorships are decided by the organization’s five-person board based on a number of factors.

“This isn’t just to fund involvement in our own programs,” noted Stein. “We’re excited to be able to help support recipients through access to the variety of programs that allow them to live abundantly. For some, that might mean therapeutic horseback riding, participating in Miracle League, or sponsoring a trip to attend the Special Olympics. I look forward to seeing all of the opportunities the Champions Foundation is able to provide.”

The non-profit aims to raise $50,000 in 2022 to allow 25 athletes to participate in specialized health and wellness services. Members of the public and the Special Strong community can help meet that goal by donating online at specialstrongchampions.org.

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