Company Brings Customized Fitness Training to Special Needs Population

While resources for the special needs population continue to grow, many are still few and far between. McKinney native Daniel Stein saw one area where he felt the community was underserved.

Stein, who worked for years as a personal trainer at a corporate-owned gym, said the need for specialized weight and strength training was great, and he felt the burden to bring it to the community.

“Unfortunately, if you and I are overweight we can just go to Google and type in ‘weight loss,’ and we can find literally hundreds and hundreds of resources probably within a 50-mile radius … but where do you go if you have special needs? You can’t – there’s nothing out there,” he said. “But I just had this burden on my heart for these special needs clients, and I wasn’t able to do that at this gym.”

Stein himself deals with the effects of ADHD, anxiety and bipolar disorder, which he believes are controlled by his attention to his physical health.

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