Add Adaptive Fitness and Behavioral Services to Boost Client Success and Business Growth

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs? As an ABA/BCBA Owner & Therapist, you already understand the importance of tailored support and specialized care. Now, you can take your mission to the next level by adding Special Strong services to your existing business.

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Have you ever felt limited by the services you can offer? Do you wish you could do more to address your clients' diverse needs?

What if you could diversify your offerings without needing extensive new equipment or additional space?

Imagine offering a suite of adaptive fitness programs that complement your therapy services, providing holistic support to your clients. What if you could enhance the well-being of your clients beyond the therapy room, helping them build strength, confidence, and social connections?

At Special Strong, we understand all of the challenges you face every day. Even more, we know the passion that drives your work. Our adaptive fitness programs are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing services, enhancing your impact and expanding your reach.

Isn’t it time that you were finally able to offer a holistic approach that not only addresses behavioral issues but also promotes physical well-being and social engagement?

By combining forces with Special Strong, you can provide a comprehensive care package that appeals to a wider range of clients, ultimately leading to better outcomes and higher satisfaction. Together, we can transform the lives of individuals with special needs and set new standards in ABA/BCBA therapy.

Are you ready?


Why Add Special Strong Services to Your Existing ABA/BCBA Business?


Expand Your Client Base

Attract more clients by offering a variety of services such as private training, group classes, and aquatics. By diversifying your offerings, you can reach families seeking comprehensive care for their loved ones.


Flexible Service Delivery

Provide Special Strong services in-home or at your existing ABA centers with minimal equipment. This flexibility allows you to meet clients where they are, enhancing their comfort and convenience.


Leverage Your Expertise

Utilize your experience as a therapist to work with Special Strong clients. Your existing skills and knowledge make you uniquely qualified to deliver our specialized fitness programs effectively.


Dual Employment Opportunities

Offer your therapists dual employment, allowing them to work for both your ABA center and Special Strong. This not only maximizes their potential but also strengthens your team’s capabilities.


100% Private Pay

No need to navigate the complexities of insurance. Special Strong services are 100% private pay, providing a straightforward revenue stream for your business.


Government Funding

Take advantage of government funding available in certain states to support implementing Special Strong services.


Reduced Franchise Fee

Benefit from a reduced franchise fee specifically for therapists, making it more accessible to integrate Special Strong into your business model.


Why Choose Special Strong?

Special Strong isn’t just about fitness but building a supportive community. Our app empowers individuals with special needs, offering tools and resources that promote physical and emotional well-being.

Our expert trainers are armed with the groundbreaking CBSE Adaptive Fitness Training Model. This scientifically endorsed method has transformed the lives of thousands facing unique challenges through the power of fitness.

Join us, and let’s discover your potential together!

A Partnership Built on Shared Values

At Special Strong, we believe in the power of collaboration and shared values. By partnering with ABA Therapy Centers, we combine expertise in behavioral analysis and adaptive fitness, creating a unique synergy that benefits your business and your clients.

Our programs are not just about physical fitness; they are about building confidence, improving social skills, and enhancing overall quality of life. Together, we can create an environment where individuals with special needs thrive, achieving milestones that once seemed out of reach. Join us in this mission to make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

Ready to Elevate Your Impact?

Join the Special Strong family and transform your ABA therapy center into a comprehensive hub of support and care. By integrating our adaptive fitness services, you will enhance the lives of your clients and position your business as a leader in holistic special needs care. Discover how Special Strong can elevate your ABA therapy center and attract more clients.